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Alternative learning pathway

A selected group of students are invited to participate in an alternative learning pathway within the school.

This pathway runs throughout the year, over four periods, during Week A and B, and students will be absent from their normal subjects and timetabled to work on practical projects. The students have a practical based educational experience centred on the school. The group, as stated, will be practical based but feature theoretical fields centred on the practical work that is being done. The students would have the chance and ability to learn required maths such as budgeting, perimeter, volume and area, algebra, and other required content. English could be enhanced by writing stories and journals on what they have done, how they fixed a problem, planning of a job, and so on.

The group does not have to have a regimented and strict set of outcomes and guidelines as their work and fields of interest may, and probably will change due to the seasons, temperature, equipment and the fitting in with other groups and classes.

Areas that will be looked at for the class to achieve would be:

  • Planning, designing and building a Brick Pizza Oven, shelter and Brick BBQ (to be done with other classes and teachers also) and completed over a couple of years.
  • Learning how to make formwork, pour concrete and finish a concrete slab.
  • How to lay a brick, pavers and tiles.
  • Excursions in line with the above objectives to Bunnings, Inverell Building Supplies (materials, equipment and budgeting) and an end of year excursion.
  • There may also be other projects as the year goes on depending on school and community requirements.